Hello & Welcome!

It's been almost a year since we were last together and during that time, so much has happened. 🌟

The Chandler Project believes in change and growth. Over this past year, it has been such a joy to follow all of your personal journeys – pictures, achievements, and stories shared about your respective experiences (metamorphosis) as you navigate through this exciting time around research and advancements pertaining to pharmaceutical and surgical treatments for achondroplasia. 🧬

The Achondroplasia Research Conference provides anyone who needs a safe space to discuss these options. In other words, a cocoon, where they can expand their knowledge and ask questions without ever being censored. You never know something unless you ask and it's so, so hard when questions go unanswered and are filtered against your own will. You will breakout from this event with knowledge that you can use to spread your wings and soar through this new time in our lives. 🦋

Now more than ever, it's time to breakout of the cocoons we've been in for the past two years, spread our wings and fly – going wherever the wind takes us (or drive if that's your preferred method of transportation) and this year, that's Chicago aka 'The Windy City.' 😉

Together we will navigate this new landscape. Knowledge is power. 💪🏻

Join us at the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile – 505 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611.  The InterContinental is the only hotel in the city that opens its doors onto the famed Magnificent Mile!

When you complete your registration, you will be given a link to book your room under our conference rate of $269 per night.

The Chandler Project provides those affected with achondroplasia, and other forms of dwarfism (skeletal dysplasia), with the latest in pharmaceutical research and surgical advancements through advocacy, awareness, support, and hope. 🕊

Since 2019, The Chandler Project has hosted the annual Achondroplasia Research Conference. This is the only event based in North America that brings together patients, caregivers, researchers, physicians, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies to connect and build a strong and trustworthy community. 🤲🏻

Last year, the Achondroplasia Research Conference served a record of over 125 attendees made up of achondroplasia and hypochondroplasia patients, parents, caregivers, students, researchers and physicians from 21 countries across the globe. 🌎

Now that there is an approved therapy on the market for the treatment of achondroplasia in the United States and Europe, time is of the essence for patients and families, especially for those who don't qualify for the current product that's on the market.  Families are eager to enroll and participate their child in any trial or study that they feel is best for them and that can increase their chances, and hope that lessens the probability of surgical intervention ❤️‍🩹

what to expect & Why you should attend

If you are a parent, guardian or caretaker of a child with achondroplasia seeking information on the latest breakthrough in pharmaceutical developments and surgical advancements happening today – this event is for YOU.

Despite the name, this event is open to all with dwarfism. As research develops, there continues to be scientific breakthroughs and discoveries around treatment for other forms of dwarfism. 

Last year, Children's National Hospital Chief of Endocrinology, Andrew Dauber, presented his research on the use of vosoritide for hypochondroplasia and other genetic conditions. We're excited to see what updates he has to share this year. 

This year, we're so excited to include InnoSkel in our lineup. InnoSkel is a pioneering platform biotechnology company developing therapies for rare bone diseases will be sharing their latest research for those with Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia congenita (SEDc).